Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Celebrate America, Celebrate Pasco

Lee Greenwood wrote a song about it- Proud to be an American. On July 4, what are you proud of? In tourism and Visit Pasco, we are proud of this destination’s growth.  Since 2006, the numbers of quality events, parks and partners have grown and have assisted in more visitors to Pasco County.

On July 4, we are also thankful for our freedom. At Visit Pasco we are also thankful for June 28, 1834. That’s the date Samuel Pasco was born. We would be remised for not mentioning the Harvard grad’s namesake to the County.
Happy Birthday Sam! Happy Birthday USA!  
Remember to leave some room in the tummy after the barbequing and cake for great fun at Sparklebration! Dade City and the Pasco County Fairgrounds are proud of their firework extravaganza.  Be safe and send your firework pics to our Facebook page. Be proud Pasco!