Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eco Ed on the water with the Don of Chicago Fishing

 Don Dziedzina of Illinois Outdoors Inc shows off a perfect tournament catch
 Watching fishing television shows are at times not realistic. I'm sure you know the feeling when the professional is reeling the fish on the boat. It's a 30 minute program and they have caught dozens of fish. Next week you hit the same fishing hole and nothing.

Pasco County's ecotourism expert "Eco" Ed Caum was thinking the same thing. Except this time he was not only fishing, he was also hosting Don Dziedzina of Illinois Outdoors Inc., on a mini media tour. Fortunately, the video below proves that you can get out on the water (Ed and Don were with Captain Randy Schone of Barefoot Bandit Charters) and witness a real fish story. That's when they are biting for the angling pro and the ecotourism expert. Check out the video blog on You Tube and