Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Halloween!

One of Pasco County's own, Lawrence Feeney, filmed a short screen story just for Halloween. The short film industry and New Port Richey's past has been buzzing since Feeney and his partners entered the PRISONER 34655 into the Producer's Guild Weekend Shorts Contest at the end of September.

Log on to VIMEO to take a peak at Feeney's film. I'm sure you will see some of Pasco County's finest venues in the flick.

Since we are days away from Halloween we can thank our friends from the Patch at discovering what haunts Pasco County. Please stop there is no inside joke or pun. Keeping with the last blog about the former silent movie stars that graced New Port Richey there's tales of the Richey Suncoast Theater and of past president and patron Willard Clark's spirit roaming the balcony.

Check out the story here.

Happy Halloween Pasco County!