Friday, May 10, 2013

Celebrate your County

The USPA Nationals was a great event during Tourism Week 2013!
Once again Pasco County joined the celebration and honored National Travel and Tourism Week from May 4-12.

Travel and tourism is one of America’s largest industries and it’s Florida’s number one industry. In 2012, the tourism-related spending in Florida contributed more than $60 billion, while collecting more than $4 billion in total sales tax revenue.
Without travel and tourism’s contribution to the tax base, each household could owe up to an additional $1,000 per year in taxes.

How do those numbers relate to Pasco County? More travel means more sales tax is pumped into our local businesses.  The sales and tourist tax revenues contribute to a more vibrant Pasco.  

In fact the County’s tourism revenues in the Fiscal Year 11/12 increased nearly 20% than the previous year.  The tourist tax revenue is collected from overnight accommodations. Visitors also eat in our restaurants, shop, buy gas, rent cars, buy groceries and visit local attractions like the Giraffe Ranch and Pioneer Florida Museum in Dade City.   

The County’s Tourist Development Plan 2010-2014 still focuses on creating a tourist experience based on promoting our natural attractions, cultural programs and creating new sports business.  Pasco County is a premier sports and travel destination thanks to the number of sports tournaments, special events, outdoor recreation and ecotourism. “It’s Only Natural” has been our brand for decades. But sports, art, festivals and culture are “our nature” as well.

The efforts of County leadership to promote Pasco as a sports destination are paying off. Major field and lacrosse events contribute an annual estimated economic impact of more than $4 million.  That is why Pasco County is pursuing a multi-sports facility on the Wiregrass Development.

Our private venue partners, like the Little Everglades Ranch, continue to lure adventure races. On any given weekend the ranch can host nearly 20,000 visitors who like to play in the mud and then spend their money in downtown Dade City.

This past week Skydive City once again proved its economic impact to Zephyrhills by hosting the USPA Canopy Piloting National Championships. The event should return next year and Skydive City may host the world championships.

So invite your friends and family from other parts of the state or country to promote Pasco County. As our State partner Visit Florida says “Share a Little Sunshine.”
For more information on Pasco County tourism, visit and join us on Facebook at Visit Pasco County Tourism.